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Ethereum Blockchain Address Directory

Complete KYC / AML solution

Easily lookup an address' owner information

Simplify the interaction with wallets, exchanges and custody services allowing a human oriented address identification

Smart Contract, Web and API access


Associate a set of addresses to its owner

Link a set of addresses to predefined information 

Allows to easily identify and authenticate addresses' owners 
Allows to lookup Public Information 
Allows to share Private Information sellectivelly using a Permanent Public Key or a One Time Key


ethWhois is in alpha stage and will be in beta public testing in August 1, 2018

Strategic Partners

We are looking for strategic partners in order to integrate ethWhois to the Ethereum ecosystem


We welcome donations, they will be used to assist to finish the development, implementation and Ethereum ecosystem integration

We issued 100M EWHO tokens that will be used to pay for the ethWhois services

You can send ETH to this smart contract address and will receive back automatically EWHO tokens at a rate of 100 EWHO per 1 ETH


Ethereum Technology

The Etherereum platform and blockchain is the most reliable existing blockchain and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance based in the USA


Experienced, globally minded professionals

Eduardo Chapeta


Ignacio Munarriz


Ricardo Espeche


Omar Hraste


Spin Offs


Project's Examples

Vision, Design, R&D, Implementation, Operation and Spin Off

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